Anti-Free Radical Toner
A combination of potent antioxidants, smoothing herbs, and moisture-binding lipids and ceramides to nourish and refine the skin.

  Collagen Fitness Spritz
Pure botanical collagen instantly refreshes the skin, hydrates and rejuvenates. It contains heavy water which helps the skin resist water evaporation and maintains moisture longer.

  Normalizing Tonic
This invigorating, purifying mix of Glycolic Acid and Witch Hazel dissolves dead skin cells and clears the skin of residual contaminants. The tingling sensation indicated its efficacy as it prepares skin for the Vitamin A conditioner.
Skin type: skin acclimated to Normalizing Tonic

  Normalizing Tonic Forte
A stronger solution of alpha and beta hydroxyacids provide additional exfoliation. By stimulating cell turnover on the outer layer of skin, these aid in the treatment of acne and aging skin. Subsequently, therapeutic products are better assimilated by the skin.
Skin type: skin acclimated to Normalizing Tonic